Four Little-known Secrets To Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria

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How Land Banking Can Double Your Investment In 24 Months?

The simplest way to get started on the journey to financial freedom is savings. Today, the economies of the world show that you will never be able to achieve a resounding wealth by the minute interest accrued from savings.

Have you heard about land banking? It is a type of investment done when an investor buys an undeveloped land with the sole intent of multiplying its returns after a couple of years.

Unlike other real estate investments that exist, land banking is arguably one of the safest there is because land never depreciates. The worst-case scenario is that it remains constant.

How can you benefit or engage in it?

Understand How it Works

Unlike when you keep your money in the bank for a year, and it generates 3-5% of returns, a well-positioned land returns around 50-100% in a year without undergoing any stress whatsoever.

All you have to do is obtain the land and hold on to it till it appreciates it. There’s a vivid illustration of two men who had their pensions paid to them.

One decided to keep his in the bank for a year, not knowing what to do, while the other, due to previous knowledge of real estate investment – specifically land banking – he bought some acres of land in Ajah, Lagos.

After a while, he desperately needed to put it to good use due to lack of development then, so he started farming, he did this for a year. The other man had earned his 3% after a year; he felt he made the more intelligent move.

Fast forward 2 years later, the man with the land is reaping massively. Why? The area got developed, and he started selling parts of his land. He made more than 300% ROI after 3 years, 

The other man that kept his money in the bank was still collecting the peanut as ROI. Who made the smarter investment decision? You decide.

Make A Decision

After making the decision on what you want to use your fallow money for, next is to make a decision on where to make this investment.

Now, you see this is a tricky part because as a Nigerian abroad, it’s extremely difficult for you to keep in touch with events unfolding, especially given the reported cases of land grabbing and ‘omo-onile’ (son of the land) trouble, but that difficulty presented an opportunity for us.

At FirstleadNG, we take upon ourselves to create a team consisting of Real Estate Surveyors, Lawyers, and Economists with diverse experiences in Real Estate investment options.

We keep things simple, all you have to do is speak with our team, send us the instructions of what you need to be done, also send in your money to our account, and all you do is wait while we do the processing and running around for you.

It all sounds very easy when explained, only that we simplified the economics part.

It’s not just about buying, fencing, and shielding a property while waiting for it to appreciate before selling. It is also about knowing when to buy and when to sell. There are peak periods when other investors are aware that any trade made during that period wouldn’t yield much ROI for them, so they avoid it.

What periods are these? Usually, the developed stages.

(Source: Nairaland)

Consider the above diagram:

When the land was in its underdeveloped phase, that is the most profitable to buy land and own it.

If an investor has a short term plan and needs to sell off the land, the phases between underdeveloped and pre-developed should be used to sell.


Because for a land that’s located in an area that isn’t certain for commercialization, the investor buying the land from you would want to buy when there’s still room for returns, unless if the plan is to develop the land and use it for rental purposes.

The same thing applies to the phase between the pre-developed and developed phase.

No one wants to buy and own land that has reached its peak in terms of development; there’ll be nothing to gain for the purchasing investor from that trade.

So at FirstleadNG, our goal is to ensure that there’s no loss experienced while investing with us, at the same time ensuring your documents are legally backed, so you don’t’ have to worry about the safety and security of your properties.

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