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1-Introducing Firstlead Properties’ Smart Project-Tracking Technology In Real Estate In Nigeria

Introducing Firstlead Properties’ Smart Project-Tracking Technology In Real Estate In Nigeria

The world has transformed into a global village, everything and everyone is going digital. At Firstlead Properties, we know you will like to do multiple things, included managing your real estate investment, with a few clicks on your mobile gadgets, all from the comfort of your home.

This is why we introduced a smart project-tracking technology into the Property Technology space to ease the business of property investment for you. There are different possibilities you can explore with Firstlead’s smart technology:

Choosing Your Home

Various homes are listed on agency websites and navigating through them has never been easier and with this, various options are available, depending on your choice.

Within your Firstlead’s personal dashboard, you will be able to navigate through the rooms, inspecting the designs and spotting the location of the homes. You can do all these from the comfort of your home.

Ease of Payments:

Gone are the days when you need to get into a physical bank to withdraw or deposit. We are in the era of digital banking. The same applies to making payments for your real estate investments.

All you need to do now is use your mobile or web app to transfer money from your banking account to Firstlead’s Business Account (It is not ideal to make payment into any individual’s account). All your payments, either in full or as installments are easier to track this way.

Efficient Portfolio Management:

Only a few agencies can offer this service. At Firstlead Properties, we give you the opportunity to monitor your real estate portfolio as our team of experts share updates within your dashboard about the progress of your investments.

“90% of millionaires own real estate investment” – Andrew Carnegie. These points to one fact, regardless of how much other financial investment you might hold, you need to add real estate investment to that portfolio due to its long-term profitability and the buffer it offers your investment portfolio.

Faster and Easier Ways of Renting, Leasing and Selling Homes: Real Estate Investment is vast, accommodating land banking, renting, leasing or selling of residential and commercial buildings.

Based on your interest in buying, the idea is to create a platform that makes your life easier and less stressful, all you have to do is navigate your way to the property you’re interested in and conduct the transaction without any form of direction or middleman to facilitate the transaction.

Accurate Tool for Property Appraisal: During the physical examination of a property, one of the essential things to be done is carry out an appraisal that gives an idea of the profitability and suitability of the property, giving an idea of how much the property will be worth.

Part of the requirements will include location, infrastructure present, road network, presence of basic amenities, and the likes. What if you knew that all these are possible with just a few clicks? That’s the technology we have for you.

Architectural Designs

The idea is to start and end the process of purchase, construction, and commercializing the Real Estate Property, one of the most important phases in construction is the architectural design.

 In the past, there was that need to meet architects in person but at Firstlead Properties, we have world-class architects in our ranks that’ll provide beautiful outlays that’ll meet your need and taste and all this achieved on the same platform without leaving the comfort of your homes.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Do you need help of an expert to guide you when deciding on our real estate option? You will have access to our estate management professionals that will help you understand the various options that suit your investment goals. As an investor, it is better to get a proper guidance and due diligence on properties you desire to invest in.

At Firstlead properties, we ensure you get what they need, when you need it and at affordable prices, offering you our bespoke construction, real estate, and consultancy services. With our cutting-edge technology, you wouldn’t have to leave your comfort zones to enjoy our services.

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